Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Take out lunch

It's another day like any other day.
The mundane has been tackled.
The emails checked.
A glance outside confirms that the rain is indeed coming,
and the phone rings.
"Hi honey", I'm on my way home for lunch.

Yeah, I had packaged his lunch, sending it off with him to work.
And yes, it it was making its way back with him
but this was the kind of thing that turned a ho hum normal kind of day into a wonderful day.

For him it meant a break from a stressful job.
For me, it was a moment to be thankful for.
And lets face it sometimes, we are not so thankful for these intrusions into our scheduled, structured day.

And this got me wondering.
How many times have I been so busy, so consumed that I didn't hear God reaching out to me, wanting to spend some quality time with Him.
Maybe my day started late and I put him off because now I was trying to make up some time.
Perhaps, I was up early but then, as soon as I was awake, alert, my mind began filling up with all the things I needed to do, places I wanted to be and as it goes, well you didn't really hear God's voice calling out to you.

Within the hour of  my husband coming home, he ate, we chatted and he was back off to work.
A brief but meaningful interlude to my day.

Wednesday Wonder

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