Friday, February 3, 2012

A song and a prayer

I have just finished reading a post from one of the many blogs I follow.  The title of the write-up is simple, "Be the song".
She begins by telling us, her readers about a conversation that takes place between herself and her daughter.  They both say that sometimes, a certain song will make them tear up, cry.
I certainly can relate and I think that if most people are honest they would admit to their own experience of having their heart as well as their eyes well up with emotion.
That's the way I feel about prayer.
That is the way I respond when someone prays for me personally.
Needless to say, I am moved.

I am often moved by the thought that God cares enough to listen to me.
And, I somehow (sometimes) get it in my mind that he must be extremely busy but manages to squeeze in a little bit of time with me.
I could never be more wrong.

This is why I delight in calling Him Father.
As my father I fully expect him to listen to me and I believe that this is something he wants to do.
This is in part the nature of prayer.
We are communicating, Father to daughter.
The thought of it well, moves me to tears to be completely honest.

He knows me so completely.
And I can be honest with him after all, he created me and he knows my heart.
Boy does he ever.  That can be overwhelming in itself.
But it is because of this heart that we have the relationship we do.

I think that when someone prays for me it is like God has tapped them on the shoulder letting them know that I just needed that extra touch.  I am grateful. I am humbled and because of this, I cry.
A song and a prayer are not that much different.
Each pulling at the heart strings.
Each having their own kind of melody.
And yes, sometimes when you hear a song, you cry.


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