Friday, February 10, 2012

When we/ I Measure

The title sounds like the beginning of a recipe from my kitchen, but it is not.
It would be more like a recipe for disaster.
This morning as part of my normal reading from a Pastor I follow online he talks about and quotes from a book written by Robert Frost.

"Throughout Frost’s play, Jonah wrestles with how God doesn’t seem to live up to justice. Jonah has been taught that people should be “strong, careful, thrifty, diligent,” and he’s upset by God’s “modern tendency” not to punish those who fail to measure up to those ideals."

I have a friend who has been for some time struggling with this concept.

The reason I decided to post this is to be honest, to admit my own weakness in this dept.

I know in part the struggle I have with judging people who do not fit my ideals.
In short, (no pun intended)...I measure.
I measure with my own ruler, my own misguided thoughts my own weaknesses and in turn, I have expectations that I think should be met and when they are not, well, I can tell you that sometimes my reactions are less than holy.
They are at the heart of things, selfish.

I have been studying the OT.
What a study it has been and I am not finished yet.  Far from it.
I am learning about justice and mercy.
I am learning about God and how he loves people.

If I am honest, I share some of those same struggles my friend has right now.
I will be the first to admit that I do not have all the answers.  I really do not like the way I behave,  measuring out my own brand of justice, being stingy on grace.

A Masque of Mercy, has Jonah as the main character and wraps up in a more aesthetically pleasing way. In creative uniqueness it tackles the conflict in Jonah’s thinking, as it “explores the ancient riddle of how God can be just and also be merciful.” It also pulls Jonah toward Christ and the cross.

As I continue on with my morning reading and contemplation, I am very thankful for insights that push me along pulling me as the author states, "toward Christ and the cross".
I pray the same for my friend.

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