Monday, January 23, 2012

I've got sunshine

on a cloudy day.
And it is Monday.
Since I am back to writing I am trying to think of something catchy for a Monday title.
And not only is it Monday, it is a gray Winter day on the cold side which means still wearing a scarf & gloves.
But sunshine, a little bit of it straining through the overcast, cloud laden Winter, Monday sky, encourages me to step outside for a short walk.
And as I make my way down the side streets a thought comes to me, something contemplative.

"I am the light of the world"
Not my words, a quote from the Bible.  Not just words but and idea, to some.  To others reality in the name of a person, Christ.  As I meditate on these words my mind wanders and I think about what light means to us, to me.
For starters, light from say, a bright sunny day will often put people into a better mood.  The world for a moment seems a better place.  Sunshine seems to add the sense of a lightened load.
I bet you hear more people whistling on a sunny day.
And we use the word light in sentences to describe the awareness of understanding.  Things brought into "the light" make some things clearer.  Illuminating.
We will also use some mode of light by which to make out things that might otherwise by hidden by shadows, in the dark.
In my house it is amazing how a light shining in just the right spot is an indicator that I need to dust.

We gravitate to the light, to its warmth.
Just talk to anyone who plans a holiday that places them on a warm sunny beach  just to 'soak up the sun".
We seem to love the light.
Ir would appear.

What Jesus offers is himself.
A beacon of light in what can seem a dark place.
The warmth of a friend, brother, teacher, Saviour.
Someone who says, walk with me and I will show you how things are better in the light.

Mondays can be difficult for some people.
Today, although I am feeling the effects of a cold, I went outside to walk in the light, to feel the warmth of the sun if only for a short time this afternoon.
Despite the clouds overtaking the sky again, I am confident that the sun will come back again.
As I often tell people, just think about it, if you were in a plane above the clouds you would see sunshine, brilliant, life-giving sunshine.
It's there, he's there
The light will make it clear.

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