Saturday, January 21, 2012

It's a beautiful day.

I live a life in transition.
But then, don't we all?
The weather outside tells me that Winter is still here but when I look in my backyard at the raised garden beds my husband made for me, I know that Spring will come.
Right now it is overcast but the rain has stopped and tomorrow calls for a hint of sunshine

We say good-bye to the past and welcome a new year filled with anticipation, hopes & dreams.
We, anticipate the arrival of our adopted son.

There were birthday milestones and parties to celebrate.
There were loved ones who passed away into Glory.

Along with birthdays, children grow up into adults.
So, there were a few weddings last year and soon there will be babies.
The cycle of life.

Life usually revolves around ones home.
But there was some travel, some time away from the usual.
A trip to India
Christmas in Kansas
The anticipated trip to Africa
Friendships made, connections with family and more change on the horizon.

Sometimes it is simply daydreaming.
Looking out my window and contemplating what life looks like somewhere else but for the most part it is living it out right here, right now.

I am not one for making new year resolutions.  I am cautious to set myself up for failure and yet,
as I step into this new year I have expectations, I have hopes to go with those dreams.
What hopes do you have as you step into a new year?

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