Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Wednesday Wonder

If Monday is a hard day to face following the weekend, then Wednesdays must be the halfway point when you breath out a little in expectation of Friday.
I am not one for coming up with "kitchy" titles but, after a brief walk this afternoon I think I will designate my Wednesday write-ups as, Wednesday Wonder.

It is Chinese New Year.
And we live in a predominantly Chinese neighborhood where all you need to do is walk one block and run smack dab into a bunch of Chinese grocers, bakeshops and tea shops.
I absolutely love it.
One block away from my home and I am transported to what feels like another part of the world.

Chinese grocers seem to open up later in the morning and as soon as they roll out their produce laden carts and open their doors, they are busy.  It doesn't take long before the aisles and sidewalks are full of people shopping for their veggies.
Since it is Chinese New Year, the year of the Dragon, bright red lanterns are hung from hooks placed at the corners of store awnings.
I notice that the front carts are full of oranges. In fact, every store I walk past has oranges out front.
While in a bake shop to pick up some whole wheat bread and an assortment of pastry, I ask the sales lady just what the oranges mean. Everyone is buying oranges.
She tells me that the color, the bright orange and the round shape together bring good luck. 
So at this time of the year people buy boxes of oranges to bring to friends and family.
Personally I have never thought oranges as having any properties other than being a good source of Vitamin C but now paying closer attention to the vibrant orange globe I have a little more respect for the ball of citrus.
I guess the wonder of the day is that I often dream of visiting another part of the world.
To fly off somewhere different, exotic, new when all along I have piece of the world, this culture  just a few steps away.
And suddenly, instead of longing to be somewhere else, I am filled with a sense of gratitude for where God has placed me.
And that is a wonderful thing.

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Mama Cookie said...

Love your thoughts that you have put into this blog. Makes me feel as if I am walking right beside you to do my veggie and fruit shopping. Oranges bring good luck?? Well, I must wait to see how the orange a day will bring me luck.... for me this should be good as I have eaten a lot of oranges.... ummm, still waiting for the results.