Monday, August 16, 2010

It's sure hot out there campers.

So hot, I am not quite sure why I am sitting stationary, my perspiring body sticking to the plastic computer chair.  Whew!  My one consolation is that I remind myself that in other parts of this big ol' world, there are cities, countries experiencing weather much (much) hotter than what I am.
We Vancourerites never seem to be completely happy with our weather.  If it rains for two days, it is too much and should the temperature rise to above 25 degrees well then, it is way too hot.  Later this week we have in our forcast showers on Thursday and I am sure someone out there will have something to say about it.
Our windows are closed.  The curtains were drawn until about 10 minutes ago but are wide open now so that I can see the countryside or the haze in this case.  The curtains (this time) did little to keep out the heat and it is almost unbearable in my tiny living room area as I remain seated on this plastic chair, at this keyboard where I can feel the moisture sit upon my forehead.
And I want to make......what! for dinner.
Soup, I know, I  know it seems almost foolish but I started the broth on the weekend and now must finish it.
Crazy yes but I have joined the many who make this day of the week, "meatless Monday" and here I sit melting, contemplating a soup.
But this meal is versatile, quick and simple.
But again, so is eating out....what am I thinking?
Let someone else sweat it out over a hot stove.  Been there done it for many years and yes, I can sympathize with y'all (that one was for Paula Deen there) who just earlier declared she was making some ice-cream it was so hot and I do believe that it is hotter down South at the moment.  I know this because part of my family lives in Kansas where it has been over 100 degrees.
No complaining here.
Autumn is just around the corner, my favorite time of the year and usually, yes usually that is when the sun makes it's wonderful heart warming appearance after we have had a healthy dose of rain over the last few summer weeks.  Just in time I might add for when the kiddies go back to school.
In Kansas, so I am told, school has been delayed for a week and a half in order to cut costs of hydro from the air conditioning they will obviously need.
I don't have air conditionting right now so I think I can sympathize on this one as it must cost a bundle.
Sorry mothers.
And, sorry other housewives that still need to make dinner.
Popsicles anyone?

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