Thursday, March 4, 2010

Spending time in prayer.

I just re-read my title which made me sit back a little bit and surmise.
"Spending" time seems like an odd little phrase but we still use it.
I know that I have "wasted" a fair bit of time or I have "given" my time to something be it a task or a person or even a cause which all amounts to the same thing but I need to think about this one.
An acquaintance from another blog, Shannalee wrote this morning about how much of life is spent waiting and she asks the question, "how can we get better at it?"
I am sure that at one time or another, as I evaluate where I am going, or what am I doing with my life, that this question has popped up.  And it is a good question.  An even better one to ponder when I connect it with prayer or praying and what it means to "wait upon the Lord".
Two words: not easy.
Yesterdays writing confirms that we do not have a prayer closet but that should not, does not stop us from praying.  It does not stop us from "casting our cares upon Him". 
Circumstances of late or for the last year certainly have caused us to pray more and we continue to pray however, ask me how I am doing on the waiting part.
Again, two words: not good.
And, it is not like I can really do anything about it, not really.
The paperwork is done.  The dollars paid, the classes taken, discussions held and tears cried.
Yes, sometimes, a lot of times there are tears involved in waiting.
Yet, here we sit and wait and like I said yesterday I really believe this part is about "listening" for what God has to say about things.
And simply put, that involves waiting.
Waiting is a function of time.
How I spend that time will be up to me.

Somewhere in the back of my mind a memory has just surfaced.  A reminder of another time, another prayer. 
We do not see time like God does. 
I wrote to a friend this morning and shared with her that since I believe in God, this means that when I pray I accept (although sometimes slowly) that he is at work, moving people,places and things.  This of course requires time and who better to know time than the one who called the universe into order.
So here I sit, waiting. And I really don't have an answer to the question, "how do we get better at it" than to say that waiting involves trusting.  And this usually means more praying which brings me back full circle to which I remind myself that as long as God is there with me in the circle then at least I know that someone is waiting with me.

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