Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I hear you. Discussions on prayer

The other evening, my husband and I had a short discussion on the topic of prayer.

N: The older I get, I think that prayer is about listening, not so much talking.
Me: Funny you should say that as I have been thinking the very same thing.
N: By any chance can we clear out any stuff from our closet so we can set up a prayer closet?
Me: Hmm, not easily.

Ok, so we live in a small apt with one shared closet.
I spent the better part of the evening contemplating how to rearrange furniture to accommodate the idea of a prayer closet.
I have never seen a prayer closet.   I have however, seen someones prayer room and I loved it.  More so, I loved the idea of having a room sealed off from the rest of the house and its inhabitants where you could go and get alone with God.  After all, isn't it better that way.  That is to say, don't we need to spend some "alone" time with the Almighty in order to better hear his voice?

Neil and I have this thing that goes something like this.
"Are you picking up what I'm putting down?"
"I hear ya," I reply back.
"But are you listening?"
Good question.
And this is the question that I have been challenged with over the course of a few past weeks.
While I clearly understand that I am asked to bring my hearts desire before God I also understand that this is a two way street.
It's one thing to look into someones face and smile but it is quite another thing to take a few steps past and realize that you might have missed what they said to you.
Are you listening?
I hear ya.

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