Thursday, February 25, 2010

Tell me the truth...

A personal lesson.

When I was young  I believed (truly) that the tooth fairy existed if not only to leave me money then just as some entity that encapsulated all things good.
After one eventful day when I lost a tooth I like most every other child with expectations,  placed my carefully tissue wrapped tooth under my pillow.  Along with it a note that went something like this:
"dear tooth fairy, when you come for the tooth will you wake me up so I can see you"
Of course, it never happened.  Was I disappointed?  I cannot recall except that to this day I remember this innocent, childish act of curiosity.
It wasn't until years later that I learned the truth.
No tooth fairy
No Easter rabbit
No Santa Claus.

Today I listened to a well known speaker whom I will quote from.
"The Bible is remarkable about what is says, and what it doesn't say."

And while listening to him speak I learned one or two things new.  I will go as far to say that I learned one or two things that are applicable, at least to me.

The story is about a blind man, Bartimaeus, "Son of Timaeus". This from the Gospel of Mark.
There is something I never really understood about this man.
Blind yes, no identity of his own.  Known only as "the blind man".
His identity cloaked in the handicap of being blind.
He calls out loudly and is met with rebuke, that is until he gets the reply he wants,
 "what do you want from me?"
He answers, "I want to see" and...
his sight is restored.
And personal dignity along with it.
He is affirmed with individual respect, individual worth.
"God has made me an individual and when you place your personal trust in him he will affirm you, helping you to see like you have never seen before, redefining everything."
I wonder what his name really was?
This was a great gift.

My story about the tooth fairy is one about trust & truth.
What we believe to be truth.  What we want to be spoken of in truth.
A child believes in a mythical creature that dispenses money in exchange for something else.
Sooner or later you grow up knowing there is no such being but the idea has been reinforced.
I must give up something of myself in order to receive some small token from someone else.
It is a sort of blindness.
Just like Bartimaeus, my identity has been given to me, reinforced by another persons ideals, labels, tokens.
The greatest hope.
And, just like Bartimaeus I call out and in exchange, I receive my sight and seeing for the first time...I have an identity.
I know who I am.

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Shani and Jess said...

i once saw the toothfairy. me and steph, my older sister did! she was sitting on a little leaf and floated past our window in pakistan!
so you're right about santa and easter bunny... but toothfairy IS real.