Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Keeping it Real

I love to read.
And I will read almost anything I can get my hands on.
My bookshelf carries  a variety of books that I have read  and will on occasion, depending on the reason(s) will pick up the same book to read again.  Reminders I tell myself.
When something strikes me I will jot down a list at the back of my book just so I can go back for references.
Page number, date and quote.

Lately I have been following two new authors.
Donald Miller and Anne Jackson.
Anne has just come back home after serving in Haiti.  I use the word serve because after following her on Twitter I can see that this is exactly what she did.  And Anne writes honestly, keeping it real.
Donald is another writer who keeps things real.  And right now, at this moment in my life that is exactly what I need.
Real people with honest hearts, telling their thoughts to who ever will read their words and I am one such person who needs to hear their words.

I am going to walk down to my local Chapters today to see if I can find a book written by Donald.
A Million Miles.
I found a copy of his other book, Blue Like Jazz in a thrift store.
It is one of those books that I will pick up again (and again) to read.
While I might aspire to be a writer I am a better reader.
Words are powerful and over the course of time I have been learning about the weight of words.

"Thy word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path."
More good words from and even greater author.

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Joshua said...

I'm reading Blue Like Jazz right now, actually! It's actually sitting on my right as I type this! :D

So far its a beautiful book - and refreshingly simple. But I want to tackle C. S. Lewis next - I'm really interested in what A Grief Observed has to say, since I really have no words when I observe grief.

Any good, Donald-Miller / keeping-it-REAL titles you can recommend?