Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Pretty in Pink

Pink is one colour that you are not likely to see hanging inside my closet as it is not my first colour of choice.
But when I view it in light of what nature displays, well that is a completely different story.  I am mesmorized by what I see and my first thoughts are, "beautiful".I do not know how it all works except to say that when the rising sun casts it's morning light up against the clear blue sky, it creates a palette of varying colour in pinks & purples.I feel the same way when I look intently into the face of a purple pansy or violet.
I know who the master painter is and I believe he knows his craft well.  His handiwork  is clear to see.

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Debbie said...

It reminds me of a saving I heard once. "God was not color blind when He created the Earth!" I am so thankful He sees the beauty and potential in everything colorful He created!