Thursday, January 21, 2010

It's that time again.

Yep, moving time.
Or at the very least we are looking at new suites in order to find a two bedroom as we prepare for Bek to arrive this year.
That is what we are hoping and praying for.  That and for God to provide a place to meet all our needs.
Now, when it is just the two of you, you will think very differently about where you want to live.
As we anticipate the arrival of our son, I am looking at a whole other set of expectations.
Is there a park nearby?
Is there an elementary school nearby?
Do the rentals even want children in their residence?
Bright! It needs to be bright, especially if if will be a basement suite.

Then there are the aesthetics.  Yes, those little touches that appeal to women or at least to this woman.
The colour of the kitchen cupboards, the counter-top, the flooring.  For that matter is there wood flooring?
We do not care for carpet.  In the bedroom...ok but otherwise it just brings home the dust and we all know how much fun it is to spend time dusting.
Then there is the bathroom.
I don't do pink.  I am sorry but at the first sign of a pink, tiled bathroom with a pink tub etc.  I move on to the next ad.
Picky, picky.
But hey, if you want this to be your home for the next couple or so years, then you have to like it.

Then there is the issue of storage.
Hey, we all got "stuff".
The stuff of living life.
Tool boxes
Christmas ornaments.
These are some things that you just cannot stuff under your bed for storage.

So here I sit.
Sifting through the numerous ads in search of our next home.
I am getting a real sense of the language used when placing an ad hoping to secure a renter.
Cozy=small.  Sometimes, very small.
Close to shopping=depends on your perspective
Clean=well, that is open to debate.  For most who know me, I am known to be extremely "picky" when it comes to clean.  Don't tell me it's clean and then show me a kitchen where the stove top is grimy. Yuck!
I am learning to ask questions.
The important ones. For instance...
"how much is the additional hydro cost each month?"
You would be surprised how many people do not know and cannot give me an answer, just a guess.
"do you allow bbq's?'
Our current living arrangement does not and so it sits on the deck.  Never mind that you can smoke weed or whatever inside your apt.
"is there storage?"
A very important question as I do not want to store our bbq in our living room.
In one place, we kept our bikes inside, in the bedroom.
And the one question that burns within my heart.
"is there in-suite laundry?"
Now that sounds really picky but, when you have tossed out some of your husbands clothing, due to the previous use of bleach from another tenant, well that does not make me happy and as I am the one doing the laundry, I want to be happy.
Neil's motto when it comes to finding a place to live.
"happy wife, happy husband"
He is a very smart man.

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