Sunday, January 24, 2010

LORD of the Dance.

No, I do not refer to the very talented group of people who have delighted many with their swift feet as they harmoniously move across the stage.
I go to my bookshelf again to look up the meaning.
dance / to move about rhythmically alone or with a partner or in a group
Thank-you Canadian Oxford Dictionary!

Today as I read my short devotion before attending church and while sipping my morning coffee,  I was struck with the parallel of how life is like dance.

I think our maker has put music within all of us.
Some may hear the music louder than the next person but it is there.
Then there are some who, recognizing the gift desire to seek further instruction and take a class.
Life is about choices and life moves us about much like a melody will move you even if it is a simple toe tap.

"Look to me and be saved."
-Isaiah 45:22

"Our difficulties, our trials, and our worries about tomorrow all vanish when we look to God.
No matter how many things seem to be pressing in on you, be determined to push them aside and look to Him"
(the author, the finisher of our faith) My little add on to what Mr. Chambers quotes.

I am not (currently) in the midst of any worry or trial.  My thoughts however do go out to the people of Haiti right now or a little bit closer to home, we wait for a  phone call when we might pick up our adopted son.
And worry can strike your heart at any moment.
You know that feeling.  It can creep in slowly or rush at you when you least expect it.
That too can be part of the part of the dance.
It is a bit like having someone step onto your toes while in the middle of a fast dance.
But like the dictionary states, dance can involve one or two or a group.
Just the other day I was having tea with someone, talking a bit about God.  When conversation turns into a spiritual talk, I want to tell them how important it is to make God number one.
He is the partner you want out on that dance floor.
He is the LORD of the dance.
And in those times when I am either praying for someone on the other side of the world or coming to him with my own requests, it always comes down to one thing.
Am I looking to Him?

I am now looking at the clock.
It is time to put on my dancing shoes and head out to a community dance.

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