Friday, November 6, 2009

November Grey

"One misty moisty morning
when cloudy was the weather
I chanced to meet an old man
all dressed in leather.
As he began to compliment
I began to say,
How do you do,
How do you do,
How do you do again."

I wonder if he was complimenting me on my umbrella?
It is an old song that I learned many years ago and has remained in my mind and, as soon as November weather hits, I begin to hum this song almost as on cue.
What I really like though is that along with the weather change comes a timely fashion change and I don't mean just in the store front windows.
I am currently shopping for a new umbrella.
Yes, I have an umbrella, two in fact.
Two uncomplicated, unequivocally ordinary black umbrellas. Functional but boring.
I have considered a tiny umbrella that would fit nicely inside my handbag.
Again, functional and slightly boring.
But what I really want is an umbrella with a curved handle that when not in use seconds as a walking stick, well, sort of.
I imagine myself strolling along Vancouver streets with my umbrella in hand, looking somewhat genteel.
I do not have a fixation on Mary Poppins. And although I am a bit of a dreamer I do not believe in an umbrella that can make you fly although, what a concept.
I might consider paying a little bit more for that feature.
As I walk throughout my neighborhood streets on a slightly damp day, I find myself observing other peoples umbrellas and, there are quite a few black umbrellas out there.
But I have seen some other, quite beautiful umbrellas.
If you can call an umbrella a thing of beauty.
They do come in a dazzling array of colors & designs.
floral with tiny flowers of Oriental design or big sunny flowers,
bright stripes,
clear with dots
and parasols with ruffles.
Choices, choices.
I have never researched umbrellas as such and if I was to compare this kind of shopping to cars then my first answer would be, "nice color". I have always left the mechanical side of things up to my husband.
Seriously, I want a good umbrella so I do place a level of importance on function however, I have finally arrived at a point in time where black just isn't cutting it.
I recall a previous conversation between two people I know, discussing their umbrellas. Designer umbrellas, pretty price and all I could think was,"man alive, it is just an umbrella."
But I have changed my tune.
I think I am about to become an umbrella snob.

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