Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Tell me the old, old story....

"... write on my heart every word."

"The Bible is God's revelation of Himself in the interest of Grace."
"This Bible is not a fairy tale to beguile us for a few moments from the sordid realities of life in the natural world. It is the divine complement of the laws of nature, conscience, and humanity."

I am always interested when conversation takes a turn to the religious and the next thing I get to hear is that persons idea of what a Christian is.
Some time ago I stopped referring to myself as a Christian but rather, would tell or explain to whomever asked that I was a follower of Jesus Christ.
In light of the bad press linked to the adoption agency and the "so-named" Christian lady that ran things, I have heard the various comments with regard to her choices that left the agency and clients in a lurch.
A harsh reality.
And the comment that follows, "she called herself a Christian"
Oops, did Christianity just get a bad name again?

One thing I am convinced of is that people generally view Christianity as "having it all together" or vocalized another way, "they think they are perfect".
I know I am not perfect. My husband can vouch that I am not perfect. So, where do people get this absurd idea?
Maybe it is because we preach ourselves and not Christ. Could that be the reason?
I do not have a sinless perfection. Neither did the gal with the agency and neither do most people I know. But that is not aim, that being to point out the character flaws in another persons life.

"but we preach Christ crucified"
"Therefore, as it is written, Let him who boasts, boast in the Lord."

I used to beg off when someone asked me to "give my testimony" and now, I realize that my perspective was off balance. "My testimony" was not about me. My testimony was a chance for me to speak about Christ and why I made the decision to follow his way. It was not about a great storyline nor was it about choosing influential, convicting words no, it has always been about Jesus and will continue to be about Jesus.
I just need to get out of the way and let him work.
The Bible does give us some fantastic stories, parables about other peoples lives and human nature (not always at its best) but in the end the language is used to draw us to himself, to love God.
This is the story we want to proclaim to those around us.

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