Monday, September 28, 2009

It is Autumn in Vancouver.
I have been observing the landscape outside my 7th floor balcony window change slowly. The chestnut trees that line our street have been dropping their prickly green cocoons and as they land upon the pavement they reveal the deep colored chestnuts enclosed within. And with a good wind, the leaves follow along and slowly but surely the branches will become bare with Winter on the horizon.
Nights are definitely cooler.
I occasionally feel the hint of sniffles with the weather change.
Change is all about me.
That is the significance of Autumn.
As for me, September has always been the marker of a new year.
We have now been back in Vancouver for 10 months now and there is still changes going on such as typical to life.
The change I am more preoccupied with is of a spiritual nature.
One prevalent thought goes back to when we were living in Florida when on one occasion I prayed a prayer, "increase my faith".
Words that carry great meaning and not to be spoken carelessly.
In quiet reflection, I find myself recounting these words as my days go by and the changes continue to confront me.
My devotions as of late seem to carry the same meaning as if pointing to one think specifically.
More changes are coming.

I digress.
I have my window open keeping an eye on the increasing cloud coverage because I have my laundry drying (hopefully) on my deck.
I hear the haunting tunes of bagpipes being played. I think the sound is coming from the church just up the road. Perhaps a funeral??
I like the music of bagpipes. (Oh, did I just say that out loud?)
And like most sounds their music brings back memories of this or that.
Anyway, I sit back occasionally to just listen to the music and gather my thoughts.

"We need to view people as Christ sees them. We must love people as God does. Otherwise we will become loveless, passionless, and totally ineffective as a worker of God."
"Before you go among the infirm, the sick, the subtle, and the hypocritical, let God deal with you."

Truer words never spoken.
This is the one area that I need to constantly work on to bring about change.
Wait a minute...did I say "I"??
No, I can't do this alone.
This is a work that the Holy Spirit needs to complete in me, in order that I might step into the direction of change and know that this is where God wants me to be.
Not always easy.
Takes awhile to kick in sometimes
But, welcome nevertheless.
A work in progress,

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