Saturday, September 5, 2009

Hanging in there.

"Trust in him at all times, O people;
pour out your hearts to him,
for God is our refuge."

Yesterday I decided to go out for breakfast at my fav. breakfast place.
The restaurant was busy, the waitress was busy and I could hear the buzz of conversation around me. I had chosen a small table across from a table where a family of four plus a child sat. The child was sitting at the end of the table not in a chair but in a contraption that was attached to the table. I am thinking that obviously the metal rods placed on either side of the structure between the blue canvas material seat, was strong enough to hold the child. More than that, the type of c-clamp extended from the chair, latched onto the table was all that stood or held between the suspended child and the table. I marvelled at such a chair.
The child sat in place, munching on her toast oblivious to anything else accept her breakfast. Legs swinging she turned every once in awhile to look at me or anyone else for that matter.

I contemplated how this child seemed unaware of any danger of falling. I suppose that had she endeavored to stand she might be indeed caught off balance and fall but even that would be prevented by the watching eye of a parent.
Isn't this like us with God,I surmised?
We are held, suspended somewhat in his hands. I suppose that if the child was older she might feel inclined to investigate her seating arrangements more but there she sat, happy, unaware, getting through her breakfast.
Should I not feel that security as I rest in God's hands? Should I not just get on with breakfast without a worry in the world? There is a lesson in this, that I am sure of.

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