Thursday, August 13, 2009


Today it is raining and despite the grey mist that I saw descending upon my neighborhood I felt compelled to step out into it and go get a coffee.
On my way down the sidewalk, taking the path I normally go I always pass a bench that is situated just on the property line of a care home. Almost always you can find someone sitting on that bench and today was no exception except that it is raining like I said.
There were two occupants of the bench this morning.
The same elderly woman I normally see and the calico cat that normally accompanies her.
Despite the change in weather she has willingly come outside to sit on the bench underneath her umbrella and alongside of her sitting on a small cushion underneath a second umbrella she has set up, sits the calico cat.
Coming back from my coffee trip I see that she is tenderly tucking in a green towel around the sleeping body of the calico cat. She seems oblivious to her own wet pants as she makes sure the cat is taken care of before she slips back inside the care home.

When I was having coffee I was reading various sections of the two newspapers brought into the shop. The New York Times and the Globe and Mail.
Three stories have stuck with me from this morning.

The first was about Iraqi refugees. Relocating to another part of the world, leaving family and friends behind in uncertainty and basically moving into a similar uncertainty. Changing jobs, neighborhoods and friendships in hope of a better existence.

The second story was about Michael Jackson.
The commentary was with regard to the sum of money made to his estate and the ongoing dollars coming in as music sales sky rocket. It would appear that Mr. Jackson was worth more in death than he was in his life while here on this earth. Apparently his music is selling more copies than that of the recent Number 1 hits that have made the music charts.

The third and last story was about the Albino children living in Tanzania. The picture showed about a half a dozen young girls in simple royal blue dresses with matching shoes. Their appearance also indicating a sameness as a result of being born albino. The one girl looked into the camera with pale face and equally matching pale eyes, her hair a mere stubble upon her head.
This story was about the murder of albino people and the selling of their "special" body parts and organs that were supposed to be a sort of special "white magic".

Today was not so much about suffering although I suppose the thought is there in part. Today I noticed the loneliness present in various peoples lives.
Which is in part, something part of their lives in the present.
It all makes me quite sad.
A world that is torn apart by the ignorant acts of selfishness causing people to flee to regions unknown, future unknown and a type of looking over ones shoulder wondering if they will ever feel safe again.
A person who receives more accolades in death than the love he so desperately wanted in this life.
Loneliness is obviously not restricted to a select few. One only has to open their eyes and see that all around us, someone sits by themselves hoping for a little kindly conversation or recognition.

But today, despite the grey drizzle of the morning I am hopeful.
This weather will pass. Hopefully my contemplative mood will not and when the sun does come out once more. The sunshine will not only draw me back outside into this world but will also shine brightly into my heart causing me to take the time and share that light with others.

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