Tuesday, August 11, 2009


A cartoon sketch that has a lightbulb drawn overtop of the characters head implies an idea was realized or it can be simply a thought and the lightbulb signifies the brillance of understanding.
This morning a bit of information comes my way and thus encouraged by a few timely words, my mood swiftly changes from one of contemplative sadness to hope.
How many other people need this kind of thing in their lives, I wonder?
How important is it to their well being that someone at just the right time speaks a word into their lives and encourages their soul and heart.
The switch has been activiated and the lightbulb, imaginary (or not) has just come on and opens up my mind to the possibilities at my disposal.
Why am I not more enthusiastic of dispensing compliments and encouragement? Not a superficial, oil on the surface of water type of language but a spoken word that is like music to the sad almost deaf ears of someone struggling to make sense of their world such as it is.
More likely the question is why do I not recognize this opportunity more often and why am I more likely to respond with cold indifference and critiscm?
Today, I am the recipient of some much needed words of encouragement. It came at the hands of a stranger no less but the words were indeed like music to this sad heart.
Maybe it takes more than a switch flicked on overhead. Maybe what needs to happen is a good clunk over the head in order to actually recognize the idea.

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