Monday, August 17, 2009

It's the most favorite time of the year............

I recognize the words to this song anywhere.
Normally, you hear it with a background of jingle bells and snowflakes softly falling down but at this time of the year it is the familiar jingle of parents as they hum this tune while shopping for the official back to school date.
And I just love shopping for back to school supplies although I currently have no children going back to school.
I love the end of the season summer clothing sales as well as the "shop for back to school" well stocked shelves that carry a vast assortment of pencils, pens and glue sticks.
I find that this is a fantastic time to stock up for my craft items and I am a bit of a paper nut.
I like new note books, new pens and especially new erasers.

I am in a bit of a time warp after coming back from a weekend camping trip.
This particular camp site for whatever reason had as part of their itinerary, a "Halloween weekend" complete with costumes and trick or treating.
I, did not participate.
This festivity along with the much cooler weather and foggy Sunday morning did indeed feel like Fall had made an early entrance.
Did we lose our last weeks of summer?
I think not if the weather man is correct for this week.
But as I sat back in my camping chair sipping my homemade Bellini, wrapped in two layers of clothing, I really began to have an Autumn buzz.
Maybe it was the string of orange coloured pumpkin lights hanging from the campsite across the lane.
Perhaps it was the long Exodus of children (and adults) dressed in costume toting candy bags.
At any rate, Autumn is just around the corner and so is the new school year.

Normally this marks the beginning of the year for me. I know, a little crazy.
I do know my months and seasons in order but you must agree that there is a little something about children going back to school that marks the beginning of the year for parents and us non-parents alike.
And perhaps, just perhaps we will get some nice post summer hot weather, something we all like to have.
Sorry kids.
I off to buy some new pens.

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