Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Trumpets & other loud noises.

"A musician doesn't tell you he plays an instrument, he just picks it up & plays it"
It has been awhile since I last wrote something that struck a cord with me.
I am back with a few thoughts that have been dancing around inside my head.

Change is good. Some people are better at changing, adapting to change and moving on. Some, are not.
I was in a conversation with someone yesterday who felt the need to impress upon me that they had indeed "changed" for the better and although not perfect, "a work in progress" & "you don't arrive until you reach heaven". This particular person went on to give me a short evangelical talk mingled with affectionate references to "deliverance" followed by staunch statements on the even greater need to protect his own interests, that being his own family.

I am all for change. Sometimes I recognize my own need to change in a particular area of my life, other times it takes someone else, let's say my husband to point out an area that is less than desirable. This takes great grace. Not just to give but to receive.
Oh yeah, that was part of the conversation also.
I believe that this person wanted me to believe that he was a very magnanimous when it came to dispensing grace, his own brand that is.
That was part of the loud clanging cymbal in my ear, if you catch my drift?

It is a tall order sometimes. Change can be a slow process, steady yet mingled with the occasional backsliding one normally encounters along the way.
But, when authentic change does occur one need not blow their own horn.
Something I remind myself of often.
That being said, I have never been a great fan of "loud" music, I prefer the melodious tunes of a violin. I find the delivery of this music more to my taste and I would gladly sit through an evening of this unassuming style than 10 minutes of loud, clashing music.

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