Thursday, August 27, 2009

I baked a pie

today. Started right from scratch making my own pastry. I had bought some prune plums from the local veggie store and told N. that I would bake him a pie. He was already counting on a crumble until I told him my plans which he was just fine with.
My kitchen is small, galley style with openings at each end(thank goodness) otherwise I would feel claustrophobic however what I was feeling was a kind of contentedness as I set to work on making dessert.
Pastry can rear its finicky head pretty quick if you do not pay close attention to the recipe measuring out flour etc with exact precision. It is a process and if done correctly, will render a fine product as the end result.
As I stand at the counter my mind wanders to another time when my Grannie used to bake her apple pies. In fact, when I get to putting on the final touches to my pie, just before I place it into the oven, I always think of her. The reason is that she always applied a type of egg wash to the top portion of her pastry which in the end gave the pie its flaky, golden brown exterior. So, as I reach for my "old fashioned" egg beater, which I bought for $10.00 at an antique store, is it any wonder that my mind goes back to her and her kitchen.
When something is done right the end result can also achieve a sense of accomplishment. Maybe this is something I just needed to feel right now.
To look at something I made and say, "this is good" I am not trying to brag but maybe what I need for the moment is a little self talk encouragement.
I think we all need this once in awhile.
So now I am on to the main course. Nothing fancy, really quite simple believe it or not.
Back to my little kitchen and more contemplation.

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