Saturday, May 2, 2009

A view of the island.

this morning I went shopping for our hockey night in Canada picnic.
No rain yet although it sure looks like it is trying.
I hop into the car even though I could walk (it might rain you know) and head down to Granville Island Market early enough to snag a parking space.
The entrance I choose is right next to the florist. Nothing like some color to put me in the mood. Vibrant yellows, deep pinks and bright greens, a kaleidoscope of colour, a feast for the eyes and I haven't even gotten near the food yet.
I want bread.
I go to Terra and make my choice.
One pumpkin seed loaf
one walnut
and one French.
I also get a macaroon to munch on. It's kinda of a tradition so to speak. Goes well with the coffee from Petit Ami which is also tradition.
I have been away for almost two years. I have a lot of time to make up for.
Next I head to a deli counter for some olives. At the counter I am eye level with some fresh focaccia sitting in a basket. To my right is a basket of fresh basil, a winning combination in my books.
Not only do I select some olives, I decide on a mixture of feta and roasted red pepper. That should do nicely.
On to the meat counter.
Some ham,
some Genoa salami
and some German salami.
While waiting for the meat to be sliced I sip my coffee, take small bites of my macaroon and listen to the young man strumming his guitar and singing some Johnny Cash tunes. I overhear some comments about his singing, they are not all kind.
I could spend more time here at the market but I want to get home to make some breakfast.
My friend Linda owns the Olde World Fudge shop but she has not arrived yet otherwise I might be persuaded to have a coffee with her. Another time and believe me, there will definitely be another time.
I quickly wander down the aisles and around the other vendors.
Beautiful, fresh vegetables and fruit piled high. Enticing, inviting.
small potatoes
the list goes on.
I love to walk through this section and I make mental notes of what to purchase next time, when I have more time.
I walk out to the car bags in hand past another bread shop and the smell of freshly bake baguette draws me inside for a moment.
Sure enough, someone is waiting for my parking spot.
No rain yet. Neil says we are expecting a storm tonight.
That's ok. We are still having our picnic.

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