Tuesday, May 5, 2009

What's wrong?

Is what my husband would ask if he saw me buzzing around cleaning & moving stuff back & forth.
Usually nothing other than the fact that I like to see things in order which is a type of comfort zone for me.
I have come to think of this behavior as just a portion of my personality.
This morning I have already rearranged the bedroom closet, moving boxes and such to try and create more room.
And that was before 9:00 am.
I have moved the games from our bedroom closet to a more accessible place therefore creating more room on the upper shelf for items that we do not need to get at.
Kind of "out of sight, out of mind".
I have rearranged my food shelves and made myself porridge at the same time.
I have contemplated the bathroom cupboard but that will have to wait.

This is really nothing new.
When I lived at home it was not so uncommon for my parents to return after being away for a few hours and find that I had completely rearranged the furniture to my liking. In my defence, I did dust and vacuum at the same time.
As of late, my friend in Florida has been doing the very same thing. Her reason is a little more plausible as she was not only in the stages of moving but she is about to deliver their second child and is therefore "nesting" as she refers to it.
I cannot lay claim to any such thing as my reason or excuse.
That is unless you count the impending adoption which is not even happening for a few months but still instills within me a desire to make things ready.
Ready for a move that is as we will have to look for a two bedroom place to call home for the three of us.
And it is not like I am hugely focused on doing just one thing.
I start on one project only to walk away to start something else but in the end, it does get done and to my satisfaction.
It's like "everything" has to be put in its right place.
I am almost certain this borders on some kind of OCD which thankfully crops up only once in awhile, contrary to what some might think.
I like to be clean. I like things to be clean, orderly and within reach.
I also fully expect this pattern to change within a certain degree once the little fella comes along. But now that I think about it, I remember walking into my sisters home while she had two very small boys and everything, I mean everything was in place.
Maybe this runs in the family?
Anyway, I am looking outside my window and not feeling overly inspired to go for a walk. And so, as I look around inside I am mentally assessing what needs to be done.
Better get going, times a wasting.

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