Friday, April 17, 2009

Broken people, broken cars.

Since moving back to this fair city, I have done more walking here and there as most everything I need is within walking distance.
However there comes a time when using the car is a must and this happened to be one of those days.
I am working a small catering job and as such I needed my vehicle to drive to various places in order to purchase items for my menu. This meant that I drove with my husband to work and takeover the car which means that at the end of the day I will have to pick him up. No problem.
However, I spent almost all day driving around, here & there and back again.
As the day wore on and the sun came out it was necessary to open windows.
The sights and sounds of the afternoon delighted me as I drove up and down streets lined with trees laden with soft pink cherry blossoms, some of which were just beginning to float down in typical airy fashion.
People were out walking their dogs or doing some much needed yard work and some people were just in a plain old rotten mood.
Those were the folks in their cars trying to negotiate around one of the many roundabouts located in many neighborhoods throughout Vancouver.
I was driving my friend back home when we came upon one such traffic circle that had three cars stopped, blocking two lanes. As we drew closer it was apparent that the conversation was not from someone politely asking for directions,on the contrary.
A very heated, angry conversation was taking place right in the middle of the intersection.
Is it just me or do people seem to be getting angrier with "everything" as life wears on?
I continue home only to get a call from the hubby. He needs me to pick him up back at the office in order to take a parcel to UPS, in Richmond.
I run into the store for my water, hop back into the car and take off for the office.
So,after all that relatively uneventful running around,maybe my little car was angry because we parked, turned off the engine, did our business and returned to the vehicle only to find it would not start.
No click,
no nothing.
Ah, I was so close to getting home.
After two walking trips to the London Drugs for some tools (yes we do have them but it doesn't count when they are not in the back of your trunk), trying to find someone who would give us a "jump" (we had cables, the folks we asked had no time for us) we did find one kind soul, we did manage to get the car going and drove promptly to Canadian Tire for as you might have guessed...a battery.
Previously we had entertained the idea about going to another store to check it out but by this time I was more than ready to head home and get out of the car.
This makes me wonder how I ever survived being a driving instructor for all those years.
Not only did I spend eight hours a day sitting in a car, I was almost always assured to meet up with an angry driver due to a student driving slowly.
I would like to say it was enough to keep me out of the car for awhile but, I forgot to buy one or two items I need for the luncheon.
Ah, tomorrow is another day.


Anonymous said...

A busy day for you! My, them "Round-A-Bouts" can cause some heated discussions, raised fingers, dirty looks, arguments, and once and awhile a smiling person who looks your way to say "thank-you" when it isn't even "there right-of-way". Oh well, modern way of trying to make things easier and better traffic flow.....ummmmm, I wonder! A smile is better than nothinhg! :)

Anonymous said...

One never knows how their day is going to end. Anonymous is not but is Mama Cookie....still working on posting my comments. <3