Monday, April 20, 2009

The sights & sounds of Spring

pink sidewalk greeters
a floral carpet beckons
introducing Spring

Ah, Spring in Vancouver.
As I look out the window from our seventh floor apartment, the landscape is beginning to change.
When we first moved into our new home, the only color outside our window came from the dark green, ever present evergreen trees. Now, as trees begin to unfurl their leaves I see the brilliant greens of a new season unfolding before my eyes.
Everyday there is some new color added to the ever changing portrait that lies before me.
In between houses I can see the pink little bundles of cherry blossom trees. And, when I am walking down a street that is lined with these cherry trees, and when the wind kicks up, I will be showered with the precious pink petals as they twirl down onto the sidewalk.
When living in Florida I was aching to see some kind of change in my landscape.
I confess that after a while, the palm trees lost their exotic allure that is until the Christmas season when they were decked out in those little white lights and then suddenly they had my interest once again.
Now that I am back in Vancouver I am eagerly anticipating my little window garden.
Colorful pots have been bought,
potting soil had been purchased,
my herb list has been written down,
and I have already bought two packets of seeds.
I walk more often now that I am back in Vancouver.
I have already witnessed the yellow of daffodils, the little purple heads of crocus mingled with the white tiny snowdrops poking up from someones grassy front lawn.
I have sniffed the bright pink and deep purple of hyacinths and again, felt the caress of a pink petal that softly fell down from its cherry tree branches landing atop my head. I look forward to the lilac trees.
Spring is one of my favorite seasons.
The second is Autumn.
I can't wait to see what my Fall landscape brings me.

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Anonymous said...

O Canada! There is no place like home sweet home. So glad that as you are refreshed you are able to once again enjoy the things you used to enjoy. Love what you shared ~ felt like I was right there beside you and enjoying. <3
Mama Cookie