Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The willingness, the capacity & with patience.

I pulled out our dictionary to get a better understanding of the word "tolerance."
Next I read down the page to read the adjective tolerant followed by the next word tolerate.
All three words had one word in common, "understanding."
The word "tolerate" seems to be a fairly keen word these days and used in many conversations to give credit to ones case.
I have to say that the one description I like the best is the very first one given for the word tolerance.
tolerance/ n 1. a willingness or ability to accept or allow without protest or

My next favorite is for the word tolerate.
tolerate/ adj 2. endure or allow with patience, leniency, or understanding;
put up with.

This word or these words turn up more often than not when comments are made or conversation is in full swing.
What I am thinking about is bad behavior.
Now when it comes to bad behavior we are more likely to think about small children behaving badly and in great need of some guidance or shall I state, "discipline" at the hands of an adult.
But what happens when adults behave badly? And who steps in to correct them?
According to the dictionary the word tolerance indicates a willingness to accept (and without protest)some type of "condition" be it related to ethnic background or choice or decision.
But I repeat myself again in asking, do we or do I have to tolerate "bad behavior?"
The way my mind wraps around these things is to ask myself the questions.
If I am to tolerate someone else's choices or decisions and then I in turn, make a comment that perhaps does not grant latitude but rather reflects my own distinctions,
should that not be "tolerated" also?
Would this be the equivelant to saying, "can't we all just get along?"
I think it is in part my "impatience" that is speaking.
But wait a minute, my Canadian Oxford dictionary states succinctly that I am to endure as such and without irritation.
I am afraid that I am very irritated and as such have brought the subject to my blog.
I glanced down at the pages of the dictionary and caught another word, tolerable.
2/ says,"reasonably good, passable, mediocre."
I am thinking that I am just not "willing" to accept mediocre and as such some changes need to be made or at the very least, I need to come to terms with some stuff.

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