Monday, March 23, 2009

Shame shares a place.

A dark and deadened landscape
whose very appearance
challenges my perception of evil
would lead you to stare past
the hollow indentations
standing silently with vacant purpose
inside darkened doorways and
a few short steps down hallways that lead
into the depths of Hell.

The thief comes only to destroy
and mirth hides its face
in the hard to find places
where whispers are seldom heard.
Who gives hugs and kisses of love
and should someone ask,
"where is God in the midst of pain?"
I will answer repeatedly,
"he stands between heaven and a hill."

The soul belongs to its owner
and if hope is only a glimmer
I need to believe that a light will shine
where darkness lies in wait.
Where prayers and screams
together share a past,
That light cannot be extinguished
even if there is no belief
because I believe shame shares a place.

Across the world, somewhere down a dark hallway,
another life is broken
taken by a thief.
For shame shares a place, where
light cannot hide in darkened recesses
and faith always has a face.
Hope rests in a Saviour
the final defender
Shame shares a place.

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Anonymous said...

This is very deep and carries a lot of thot with it.