Saturday, March 7, 2009

Spring Ahead

It is that time of year when we look forward to Spring and everything that the season brings along with it.
Well, there is the time change.
This is the one we all groan about since we are about to lose that one hour of sleep.
I have never taken a poll to find out just how many people actually forget about the change in time and subsequent household clock change.
But, I can speak for one.
A few years ago when we were living on campus at UBC, I got up early one sunny yet chilly Sunday morning.
And, as I was about to find out, way too early.
I am by nature an early riser and so, after planting a quick peck on my slumbering husbands cheek, I grabbed the car keys to drive to the grocery store.
While enroute to the store and while listening to the radio I found out the actual time.
I quickly pulled over to a parking spot near a coffee shop, made my way inside up to the desk and asked the clerk, "what time is it please"?
Yes sir, I had completely forgotten about the time change and leaving the house an hour early, I now had to wait it out at the coffee shop since the grocer did not open hour later.

This makes me think about the future, namely mine.
As I "Spring ahead" I think not only upon remembering to change the clocks but more specifically about what changes lie ahead.
While some folks dread the loss of that hour of sleep, others look more optimistically towards the end of the day and the fact that it will stay "lighter" outside, longer.
Kind of makes me think, "glass half empty or glass half full"

I have been neglecting my blog for various reasons which are not overly important and once making some changes, decided I would take advantage of the heralding of the next season and "spring ahead" myself.
The blogging is new to me and I have bounced back & forth with ideas not quite sure of how I want to run with it.
The title stays the same, the quote is different (again) but more suitable to my thoughts.
Where I Live, which is now back in Vancouver, is what I will write about.
Change is in the air.
You will just have to wait and read about it.

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