Friday, February 13, 2009

Three Little Words

Use the phone.
Not what you were expecting to hear on this Valentine's weekend?
I am not a huge fan of this sugar laden holiday.
In fact today, I overheard a fellow ask a sales clerk,
"how long do roses last?"
I guess he was "saying it with flowers."
And Valentine's is one of those "celebrated" days when you might be on the receiving end of a card at the very least.
Poetic words,
loving words,
descriptive words,
all for a price, a mighty fine price I might add.
All this aside.
I am thinking about the effort one makes to pick out the right card in order to express themselves.
We pour over the card selection in hopes of finding "just" the right words that would express the sentiments of our heart.
So, why is it that we rely on these alternate sources to express something that should come not only from our heart but from our lips?

I am a little concerned these days.
I am hearing more about misconstrued messages and misunderstood people who chose a public platform in the way of an email to communicate........anything.
I am a private person at best and therefore have made a decision to allow a small select few into my "personal" realm. I prefer to have someone sit across from me, sharing not only a coffee but some conversation as well.
The invention of email has in my opinion cost people more than just the price of a coffee.
I was just saying to my sister today... that for something that was created to include "friends" it seems to dissolve more relationships.
I wonder if anyone else has found this to be true??
I have been on the receiving end of hostile retorts as well as having my message critiqued or even questioned.
I have never been one to pick up the phone for a long conversation and while it still does little to encourage healthy friendships, it is still better to hear that particular person and talk it out than to leave your words hanging and you high and dry wondering, "what the heck?"

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Anonymous said...

Mama Cookie know just what you are talking about. Recent experience that got out of hand and upset person.