Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Two weeks, plus one day.

That is how long we have now been back in Vancouver.
To date, we have had meals at almost all our favorite restaurants and have tried a couple of new ones.
Chinese (China town)
and Tim Horton', it's good to be back in Canada.

We seem to be making up for last time but really it is a combination of two things.
Cravings and the simple fact that I have boxes everywhere, including our kitchen.
I have made one or two simple meals thus far. (Does Lipton's chicken noodle count?)
But for the most part my new home is in transition as we are and so we have taken advantage of the numerous restaurants at our disposal.
Last night Neil got a craving for some crepes.
What do you know...just two blocks up and one down is the Crepe Restaurant.
So, at 8:15 pm we grab our jackets and head outside to satisfy the craving.
Neil's crepe is filled with Nutella and hazelnuts. My choice is honey with hazelnuts. No, hold the whipped cream as we both have been fighting a sore throat.
We will pass on the dairy...this time.
Living so close means that there will be a next time for sure.
We are making up for lost time.
Maybe some Thai next week?

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Anonymous said...

Mama Cookie says......

Your are officially a "Canadian Bloger" once again!
Back in Canada and enjoying all that "international food". Cute :)