Friday, January 8, 2010

King of beers?

Ok, so yesterday was a massive break with our regimented eating.
The hubby needed to make a trip to Port Angeles in the USA and I went along with him for the ride. He was going to talk with, help out a client for work and I tagged along. This included a fair bit of driving and a couple of ferry boat rides. Beautiful day for a trip.
Originally he thought he might only be there for inside of an hour but as it turns out and it inevitably does, they ran into a glitch and he stayed longer. Long enough for me to try and find somewhere I could walk to for a bite to eat.
You see, I had just killed some time, well over an hour at the WalMart.
It is not the super, new & improved kind, just a plain Jane, biggest store in the little community type of Wal Mart. Needless to say, I walked around there a few times then, finally asking a clerk to direct me to a cafe near by for a "sit down" coffee (I will explain later) she motioned for me to go to the light and walk up to a place called Trayners. Hmm, "go to the light" almost sounds like a spiritual experience.
And, off I went.

It didn't take long to get there and as I was told to "sit anywhere you like", I did and then looked through the menu.
Trayners I am guessing was the local family restaurant.
Menu was pretty much standard and I made my selection.
Now for someone, myself that is who has been diligently trying to stay away from carbs this menu presented a problem.
I'm hungry.
Nowhere else to walk to.
I make my selection.
Hamburger dip with salad, Italian dressing please.
Oh yeah, coffee.

On my table is a plastic holder containing an ad for Budweiser,
"KING OF BEERS". Accompanying it on the table is a Heinz 57 bottle.
I can hear the soft rock playing and the occasional hearty laugh of a truck driver or farmer who clearly knows the waitress.
The coffee is weak.
I'm on my second top up. There really doesn't seem to be much to do over the lunch hour as the restaurant is far from being full.
My meal arrives.
I remove the ten croutons from my salad then take a bit of the sandwich.
It is easy to describe. No ingenuity here.
A frozen hamburger pattie cooked and placed between a yellow, potato bun with sesame seeds atop. The " au jus" distinctly from a package mix, just add water and very salty.
Before my meal is started I ask my waitress, "what homemade pies do you have"?
I select the bourbon pecan, hold the ice-cream.
I interject here to say that my bill arrives at the table well before I finish my meal. A sure sign the waitress is bored and is really looking for things to do. Every once in awhile I see her slip into the kitchen to chat with the cook. I understand her boredom. The restaurant is equipped to seat many yet there are only three tables with people.

I take my first bite of the pie.
The saving grace of the meal.
With each bite I taste the liquor infused pecans, the pie slightly warmed.
I had asked for the pie to be warmed assuming I would get if upon finishing my meal but received it halfway through.
Maybe the waitress knew I wasn't going to finish my lunch??
Anyway, as I sip my now tepid flavorless coffee, I glance outside the window to my left.
I see a small building a shack really, something called the "coffee shack".
They are actually doing a brisk business as folks drive up, order their coffee and drive away.
What a concept!
Note to self: once bill is paid, head over there and investigate, fingers crossed.
I step up to the window and tap it gently. The young gal comes over, opens the window and I ask, "how about a coffee for a walk-by"?
I order a 16 oz. latte with a double shot, "no foam on top please".
She puts a sleeve or "jacket" on my cup letting me know my coffee is hot and believe me it is. Not only that, it is good stuff. Better than good, it is great!
With coffee in hand I walk back down to the WalMart to wait for my husband.

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