Friday, December 11, 2009

Presence please

God is always present.
Perhaps my week is too busy to notice. And there are days when you wish he was sitting beside you so you had someone to talk with.
Invisible to my eye but not without form he is present in my life, all around me, encompassing me, present.
He also works in what I might think is a "behind the scenes" way.
Take yesterday.
I will admit to feeling sorry for myself.
This past week has included a bit of news, a rebuking, a stinging email and I at the end of each one which evoked a number of emotional feelings within me.
Yesterday I attended a woman's study group. Every Thursday I come to the same group and as each month passes into another and the year moves on I start to ask myself why I am attending. I enjoy the study but what I long for is some kind of connection with another person, someone, anyone.
I would like to think that in a group of about one hundred woman I could find someone that I would become friends with.
So far that hasn't happened.
I find myself evaluating what I think a friendship is, what it looks like.
Sure, I know people. That is not my issue. My point is the loneliness that comes with me and leaves again following me.
Yesterday I received a telephone call from someone I would least suspect to pick up her phone and dial me.
We spoke for over an hour.
She spoke the presence of Jesus into me, over me and all about me.
I fought back the tears as she prayed for me. Her words full of thanksgiving to God, praise for him.
She prayed about what was taking place in my life, what I needed.
What I needed to hear.

There is a story about my nephew that while sitting in his new school class, he sweetly misunderstood the teachers question.
She wanted the children to raise their hands when their name was called and say "present". And, when his name was called he raised his hand eagerly and said, "presents please".
She was talking about his presence.
He thought she was talking about giving presents.

So, when this lady called I not only felt like I was being given a "present", I totally felt immersed in God's presence.
Presence please.
She called when I needed someone. God knew that. That is what I believe.
I believe God heard my heart as I muttered, wishing I had a friend that I could talk to, someone who would listen to me.
And yesterday I had two friends speak to me.
Yes, presence please.

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