Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I am so #1

At least that is what I think after today.
When en route to meet my family for a coffee time, I decided to make a little pit stop at a small deli in the small town of Cloverdale. You just got to love a name like that. It says "country living".
Anyway, I was a tad bit early and decided to find a place for some breakfast.
I chose Annie's Cafe after driving around the town part three times. Actually, I got it on the third try. The street is so quaint I kept gawking around at the other stores.
As I walked inside I was about to pass by a cigarette machine but stopped instead to get a good look at it. No, I do not smoke and yes, I am dating myself here but I remember these machines as a kid/ teenager. Back then you would find these machines placed next to the cash register and since they allowed smoking in restaurants at one time, this was easy access. The machines are much like the chip dispensers you find now only they would cough up a package of cigarettes once you slugged your quarters in.
The price back then....a mere $1.40.
Now I have never smoked but I hear a voice in the back of my head saying,
"oh, the good ol' days."
Back to the deli.
This particular deli came into our lives as a place of distinction for the much sought after "homemade kielbasa".
Now, for a little family trivia.
My one aunt, who shall remain nameless had prided herself on finding this establishment. So much that she refused to let anyone else know about it so how we came upon it is a mystery to me. Nonetheless, it has become a favorite regardless of the bad blood.
So, I return just after it opens and select two rings.
Golden....I not only found the sausage, I managed to get two for my dad.
I have cinched this number one spot for sure.
I hope back into my car, drive to the meeting point and walk in to my waiting family.
"Who do you love the most I say to my dad", grinning wickedly as I balance the plastic bag that holds the meaty treasure from my index finger.
He jumps up and hugs me tightly, while retrieving his sausage.
Yep, nothing like a good kielbasa to keep you in the good books.
I couldn't wait to text my holidaying sister just to rub it in.
She knows what a good kielbasa can do for you.
I one upped her there.

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