Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A Cup that runneth over...

Yesterday I went for a walk, met a friend going in the opposite direction and we decided to go to a coffee shop for a drink and some conversation.
We sat for over an hour discussing movies, books, a little theology and then I turned the conversation to relationships.
We chatted some and then just before we went off in our different directions he told me this.
It is good to be generous. To give to people but at some point, that cup that you have been withdrawing from, needs to be filled up, topped up from time to time and that comes from God.That made complete sense.
I have never been in a position where I was depleted and felt like I had nothing more to offer but the entire concept of being "topped up" certainly rings true.
We cannot run on empty.
So the question lies with us, where do we go to be "recharged" or perhaps the better question is to whom do we turn to in order to be filled up and running over?
As a Christian I recognize that I am to turn to God and that it is his power that I draw "anything" from. A natural selection is to turn to the Bible and read, read, read. Pray, pray, pray.
I wrote yesterday about the importance of obedience.
Today, I think I am writing about seeking. Setting aside some very much needed quality time between God & myself.
"Seek ye first the kingdom of God"
I understand that relationships take work & some relationships do seem to require more work than others. A little more grace, a little more understanding and a whole lot more listening.
It also requires the energy to do this and in today's time consumed world this can become the source of discouragement due to exhausting scheduling tinged with a little guilt especially when you see those squares in your day timer fill up.
Maybe I am talking more about boundaries?
Goodness knows we all need some of that in our lives.
But in making application to the cup that runneth over I think upon the woman at the well, the one who gave Jesus a drink while all the time she was the one in need, probably great need of some sustenance herself.

We also need to go to the straight to the source. We need to seek that source, recognize who that source is and then accept this for ourselves because it is only in accepting that we can be filled, refueled.
Topped up,
ready and
To do service for the kingdom of God.

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