Friday, September 18, 2009

A Call in the Night.

Now this title is enough to get anyone's heart pumping but I assure you that it is not as "dramatic" as supposed.
Or, maybe it is but in this case I might never know.
Last night I awoke out of a sound sleep. I was not disturbed by a phone call, nor a knock on our door. It was what I would describe as a type of heavenly nudging of sorts, a "Samuel kind of moment" you might say.
I lay there awake.
Ok Lord, who do you want me to pray for?
"Val" was the name that came to my mind.
I don't think I know anyone named Val, I thought. Does it matter? And a last name matched with the first came to my mind and I prayed.
After that I went straight back to sleep.
This happens from time to time. And, I don't mind this type of call in the night.

On a side note. I dream a fair bit. Not ecclesiastical dreams, just normal mumble jumble of thoughts hidden in the back of the mind resurrected and played out in a sequence of my minds own choosing.
Sometimes I wake and I want to tell someone only because I find them interesting.
Not everyone wants to hear about your dreams.
My dad, bless his heart listened patiently to my dreams and has told me many a time that I should write books. I am thinking this is because they are somewhat fanciful, descriptive and I rarely dream in black & white. No, full on color.
There are occasions when I do not recall any dreams when I awake and there are also times when I wake up completely wasted because my mind has been incredible active throughout the night.
Neil says it is because I sleep on my back.
As I recall, last nights sleep seem to have something to do with snow. Wishful thinking? I did think about Christmas yesterday.
I am not a great believer in searching out the so called "dream books".
Written by who knows who and interpreted by what means I do not know.
In the past I had dreamt a fair bit about water in various forms and in various situations. Maybe I was just thirsty?
At any rate I tend to think that being woken up from your sleep however deep to have someones name splash across your mind, has more to do with a real need then say something that sits idle in the back of your mind waiting to disturb your rest.
And, like dreams, it has happened once before and I am sure it will happen again.
Makes more sense than the helicopter and team of men coming to my house to ask questions with regard to a game show.

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