Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Mind struck

On the heels of my previous writing comes another thought.
Before I jot down my very personal thoughts on what has struck my mind let me begin by saying that many folk look at the miraculous in one of two ways.
They either want the sensational drama with the flashy splashes associated with a really great action packed movie or they can dismiss it altogether.
I have a friend who sees and experiences the little things of life and such is his outlook that they count as miraculous.
I share his point of view.
This leads me to my next thought.

My devotional today echoes my last writing with this verse:
"It is Christ who also makes intercession for us...the Spirit makes intercession for the saints." Romans 8:34,27

"God continually introduces us to people in who we have no interest, and unless we are worshiping God the natural tendency is to be heartless toward them.
A heartless Christian must be a terrible grief to our Lord."

I have begun to pray asking for something very specific to change within me. And, sufficient to say, that is when God will step in and respond with ok.
You know the old adage, "Be careful what you pray for"
In doing so I believe that I have opened myself up to the "miraculous".
In this particular writing I am confronted by their words and reminded of my prayer, and a specific person, someone that I had at one time been indeed "heartless" with.
And you say that God does not work miracles in a way that makes you sit up and say, "ahah!"
I ask myself is this any different, for events make me think otherwise.

With regard to the scripture verse. There seems to be an ongoing intercession for us and I hope that with all that "pleading" going on that my heart would change.
And it seems to me by the following notes that once again the outward distinction is a result of an inward work that is ongoing, that is to say worship.
And, since worship is not something we do naturally(at least not in God's direction) I think that we need the intercession of someone mightier than ourselves.
Once again my mind is struck with the thought of how my personal choices can bring someone grief.
Therefore the miracle rests in the spiritual lightbulb that has just clicked on over my head illuminating my heart and leaving me with the resulting thought,
miracles do indeed happen if we are open to receiving them.

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