Saturday, November 1, 2008

Nothing like hot chocolate...

To warm your soul.
I just finished chatting with my little hot chocolate buddy.
I haven't seen her in almost two years so a visit is long overdue.
This gets me thinking about how often we make dates/appointments to meet and chat with people, all in the name name it (your favorite) beverage.
For my family it is a Tim Horton's coffee.
For some of my friends it is Starbucks Chai Latte.
Hot chocolate on the other hand is saved for me and my little buddy. And, there is nothing like a hot chocolate on a cool November day.
Hot chocolate with extra whipped cream, chocolate sprinkles and a little conversation.

I am an auntie so often when I take out a niece or nephew for a hang out date, I often get asked if I am the mom. I do not mislead people but secretly I am pleased that I am asked.
I am proud to be hanging out with a 7 year old and even more pleased that they want to go for a hot chocolate and a little conversation.
So, what do we talk about?
Oh, what is happening in school. What they are learning, what they are reading.
We talk about the amount of extra whipping cream sitting atop the steaming hot chocolate (thanks Tanya) as we nibble on our cookies.
We might talk about her brother or her favorite book or who she hangs out with at school.
Sometimes it is a bit of a stretch as I have been out of school for a very long time but overall, it is a most enjoyable experience just sitting there and watching her lick the whipping cream off of her stir stick.
So while the extra calories sitting atop her drink make her happy, I am simply happy to sit by and watch her enjoy her hot chocolate.
Beat that chicken soup.

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