Monday, October 27, 2008

Carb or not to carb, that is the question.

Ahh, carbohydrates.
Why do we love carbs?
I have a friend who doesn't eat any type of pasta. Says that it is "slimy" and therefore holds absolutely no appeal for her.
I have another friend who limits herself by advocating that she will not eat anything "white", which actually takes in account additional foods and therefore limiting her mealtimes.
I on the other hand would most likely be called a carbohydrate fiend.
I love bread.
I love bread with cheese.
I know that cheese qualifies as a fat/protein but it does go well with a slice of fresh baked bread and, cheese also goes well with some kind of pasta.
What a mad circle to live in.

Diet time or diet crunch since I will be starting those up again.
I know what my real problem is..........discipline or in this case, lack of.
I, like most people start out of the gate well, really great in fact. I can get into a groove for about two weeks, all proud of myself and then whammo!
Something in my schedule throws me off balance and one step know the rest.
Knowledge and discipline.
Yep, I am pretty sure this is the winning combination.
Everytime I turn on the television I will see at least one advertisement for some kind of weight loss.
I am not tempted to try Nutri-system. I think it has something to do with Marie Osmond being the spokesperson.

The part of the road you get to when your weight doesn't seem to go down and as you step on the scale one...more...time, you want to heave that mechanical contraption into the trash.
Ah, maybe some anger management to go along with the weight training.
But the carbs.
They are in your face everywhere you go.
Lucky for me, I am not into fast food joints.
And the fact that I enjoy cooking cannot be blamed for my needing to diet (dirty word).
I will not try to replace the word diet with another or even ignore it such is the psychological mumbo jumbo.
It is what it is and what it needs to be.

Which brings me back to carbs.
Laziness is another word I will toss into the ring.
Sometimes it is just "easier to grab a slice of bread for toast.......along with some cheese.
But discipline, now there is the real answer.
Smaller portions.
More vegetables and whole grains.
Drinking more water.
See, I know the drill.
Don't we all?
Now for the next two weeks we, that is Neil and I are living in a carb free house.
Well, we are trying.
After all, isn't that what counts?

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