Sunday, September 21, 2008

Some times...

all you want is some Kraft dinner.
Hands up, those of you impressed that I actually made a box of the stuff.
I have no doubt that some of my friends will be surprised to know that I/we actually eat this stuff sometimes, emphasis on the "sometimes".
While it is true that I love to cook and that our meals are more than just the result of a box, I do on very rare occasions want something that requires little effort.
Which makes me wonder, does the likes of Anthony Bourdain or Ina Garten (Barefoot Contessa)have a hidden food weakness? Does the Contessa dip her finger into a jar of smooth peanut butter when no one is looking? Does Tony have a favorite potato chip?
I left out Paula Deen on purpose. Sometime ago I watched a show about the cooks featured on the food network. I happened to switch on the television just as they were doing her makeup and there she sat on a chair, the kitchen queen of the South in her blue fluffy robe scarfing down what looked like an egg McMuffin. Now that I think of it, I think she would enjoy a bowl of this cheesy confection heck, she might even add ketchup.
Anyway, we had been out an about and supper was a little later than usual. I suggested Kraft dinner which Neil was only to happy to oblige and within 10 minutes we had our dinner.
It doesn't take a rocket scientist to make the stuff in fact, on the back of the box is some handy dandy picture illustrations to help you. I particularly liked the one that gave me instructions to cook the macaroni for exactly 7 1/2 minutes, no more no less.
Kraft dinner being basic, I made myself a gourmet hot dog. I added some sliced banana peppers to give it some pizazz. Maybe Anthony Bourdain might do this but I still think that would be a bit of a stretch.
What can I say?
Hunger makes you eat some strange things.........sometimes.
I mean, they say that you should never, I mean never go grocery shopping on an empty stomach. That I can most certainly vouch for. I never, ever venture down the cookie/cracker aisle except for when I feel the hunger pangs gnawing away inside.
My explanation for that evening? Laziness, pure laziness.
This had nothing to do with comfort food, my decision was solely based on almost immediate hunger gratification. After all, dinner only took a mere 7 1/2 minutes.
And this only happens, sometimes.

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