Saturday, September 27, 2008

I Heart Scones

I can actually tell that Fall has arrived in Sarasota.

Truth is, I read the indoor/outdoor thermometer we have sitting in our kitchen and this morning is off to a cool start of 71 degrees outside.

This being Saturday morning I felt so inclined to whip up a batch of orange, cranberry scones.

I thought that this was a very Autumn like breakfast to indulge in.

As I began to zest the orange I was thinking that I should call the recipe, "gold scones".

Reason being is that despite this being Florida, land of sunshine and oranges.....purchasing a single orange can cost you $1.00.

One of the things that drives my hubby nuts is that I often "tweek" a recipe so this one was no exception. I add and I subtract.

Today I added a couple of Tbsp of wheat germ as I really like the warm yellow color it imparts to baked items like biscuits or bread. The other thing I changed was the liquid. I used buttermilk instead of half & half because I already had the buttermilk sitting inside my fridge.

Neil also pokes fun at me because I compare my finished, baked product with the picture from the recipe. In this case, I was pretty much bang on. However, I was not overly impressed so I am not posting the recipe. I am thinking too much flour for the recipe. Biscuits and scones need a moist dough and too much flour means the end result is a heavy product. It was just ok.

My other excuse: I do not bake that often, so I am still trying to figure out my oven temperature and the placement of baking pans. So I am quite willing to admit that in the end I over baked the scones.

Not too worry.

Neil's comment, "it tastes great with jam".

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