Saturday, April 10, 2010

Who are the people in your neighborhood?

You know that song.  The one most people can easily hum along to with the Sesame street characters in the background.  And I guess that is sort of what I think about when I "walk along the street" but in this case ride along and on the back of our motorcycle on what turned out to be a beautiful day.
Today I saw,
someone from the seventh floor, my floor waiting for the elevator,  I thought I knew everyone on my floor, obviously not.
Larry sitting on the cold metal bench outside our apartment, I stop to chat briefly,
an ity bity baby, Hispanic with the most beautiful wavy dark hair,
a gal working on her portion of a community garden situated right next to the unused railway lines,
a guy standing at a crosswalk with a shepherd pup trying to teach him something, the dog very dis-interested,
a couple of girls rollerblading,
a few speed boats in the water,
a man on the fourth floor apartment checking his bbq.  It made me jealous.
some people walking in English Bay in varying apparal. Combinations of boots, hats & scarves.  Some wearing more fashionable scarves & boots.  Men in shorts and flip flops.  One girl in a mini skirt.
Hey, it was a nice day but it was still pretty chilly out there.  To each their own.
farther down the road at Spokes, families lining up to rent bikes,
in the Stanley park causeway, lots of  lush Springtime green with the occasional burst of yellow from a daffodil. I digress.
other motorcyclists enjoying the sunshine, who like my husband most likely "just" insured their bikes,
a half dozen, twenty something guys with skate boards at the top of what looked like a steep hill that had a barrier at the top but obviously wasn't stopping them or their enjoyment,
at the Cypress lookout over the city, a couple in ski suits.  The woman carrying over her shoulder a big, black leather bag. (I thot it a funny combination),
some Korean students taking some snapshots of themselves making funny faces with Vancouver in the background,
an Indian family, the women dressed in elaborate shalwar chemise,
a couple sitting in the car, assuming husband and wife, neither one talking to the other in fact they looked miserable,
an infant sleeping peacefully in her car seat, sucking her thumb,
street folks hanging out in doorways in the not so beautiful part of Vancouver,
two blocks up, other folks sitting in outside cafes sipping their wine and drinking their beers,
a man in a black suit with a small bow tie,
a dozen or so people waiting for the bus, all looking down the road for the late bus.

Just another day in the life of Vancouver.
Now I am back home and my husband is making dinner.

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