Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Beauty among the weeds.

It began as a walk through a quiet neighborhood en route to the grocery store.
A normal street in the city of Vancouver that has become my favorite stretch to stroll down.
Feeling contemplative, melancholic, quiet as I strolled along the sidewalk looking left and right at the homes dotting the city street of 13th Avenue.
The thing about February is that it is a month in transition.
Winter is not quite over.  Lurking silently behind clouds that could give way to precipitation in the form of snowflakes if a cold snap suddenly came upon the city.
Spring waits just around the corner.  Gardens looks slightly muddled with dark earth and naked twigs strewn here and there.
Trees look barren and the sky can be seen clearly through empty branches some of which still bear the forlorn remains of last years bird nests.
But, along the walk I notice the wee green buds surfacing at the tips of some brown / grey branches.
The light green foliage looks light tiny green rice lights placed here and there on the bush.
Bravely they have begun to burst forth yet, in the background I hear a confident voice.
"Ha", says Winter. " I have fooled you again."
The sun, on temporary loan only makes it look like snowy laden clouds have moved on making way for Spring to make it glorious reappearance.  But let's not be lulled into believing we can put away those scarves and mittens. At least, not just yet.
In fact, it was cold this morning as I strolled down the sidewalk.  My breath hanging in the air, my nose cold to the touch.

Returning home I walked along the same street only now with two heavy bags in hand.  I paused every once in awhile to rest my hands, stretch my back.
At one such interval I glance down and to my surprise I see a small, tender purple crocus sitting amongst the weeds.  As I continue up the street I see here and there the heads of other flowers pushing forth through the grass.  Out of place almost for there are no clean, kept gardens here, just the leftover remains of winter dross.  And yet, what seems to be out of place also appears to have been placed rather specifically, almost artistically.
Beauty among the weeds.
I think that these seemingly delicate flowers are truly the most hearty of all the garden variety. 
Like I said, Winter could still leave us in a blanket of snowy white and yet there stands a purple crocus or two.  As if to say, "don't worry, Spring is on it's way."
And those weeds.
They are there all the time. Sometimes they will be more obvious, other times hidden.  And, maybe they will appear intense at times, almost brutal but if you look among the layers of weeds you can find beauty.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful. Just like the seasons of life. Things can look dull and grim but if we look closely we can see a trace of beauty. In time, things can turn out differently. The process of life.

sarah said...

I remember that feeling when living in New York, but now we have been having a heat wave, in February (how ridiculous is that?). I miss breathing in cold crisp air and I miss waiting for the signs of spring. lovely post.