Friday, April 24, 2009

I wish I spoke Chinese.

On a beautiful sunny day such as we experienced today, Neil will take his motorcycle to work leaving me the car.
And, taking advantage of some wheels I made my way outside into a thoroughly satisfying day.
Of course, I begin with a coffee.
After getting my morning fix, I jump back into the car and take off up Granville Street, eventually crossing over to Oak and onto the bridge en route to Richmond.
In the past I have never really enjoyed going into Richmond. And, despite the eventful afternoon when I spent at least two hours of it stuck in a parking lot with a car in need of a jump and subsequent battery replacement, I wanted to go back into Richmond.
The only reason thus far is that I have found a really cool store (in my estimation) and I have been there three times so far.
The name of the Japanese owned, product laden store is Daiso.
The doors open at 10:00 am and once the gated entry is opened wide, you step into another land.
You rarely see another Caucasian person in the store and the air is abuzz with Chinese (maybe Japanese) spoken as shoppers fill the aisles.
I am happy just to wheel my little cart up and down numerous aisles and look at all the product sitting on the shelves and most of it for only $2.00.
The first time I walked through I found a medium sized, plastic strainer which I purchased happily as I had been searching for something just that size.
I wander over to the craft aisle and see many items that I might purchase in the near future. Again, this was the first time I had walked through the store.
After I left the mall I called my sister to tell her about the new store I discovered and how much fun we could have shopping the next time she visits me.

My second time through I found the elevator to the second floor.
Wheeling my little cart onto the elevator, and following a quick zip up to the next floor, I am in what looks like a kitchen/house ware dept. I have just entered plastic heaven. They appear to really like the stuff.
Once again I wheel my little cart up & down numerous aisles.
This time I purchase a much needed pail for washing my car. The next thing I grab is some more hangers, also needed. I contemplated a broom but decided against it.
This is obviously a busy section as I now find myself maneuvering my cart around people that perhaps do not understand English and I alas, do not speak Chinese.
One of the drawbacks is that I cannot read much of the packaging and therefore take more time to look over the outside packaging. But I really do enjoy this time consuming part of my shopping. I am by myself, the meter is paid up and I can afford to dawdle.
I think to myself.
My dad would really like this store.
They have a tool & hardware section.
They have a garden section.
They have a pottery section with shelves of various tea pots and tiny cups.
Yeah, he would like this store.
I wheel my little cart to the checkout.
The gal in her red vest begins to scan my purchases.
The pail was ticketed at $5.50.
She stops and asks me, "is this ok?"
"Yes, I say. After all, most items are for $2.00 but not every item is a steal.
This is not a dollar store.
As I leave the store and walk out into the mall I reflect on this portion of my morning.
For a brief moment in time I felt like I had been transported to another country.
And it only took me 20 minutes to get there.

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Anonymous said...

Now isn't that something! As I was reading down your delightful experience, I was thinking, "Oh my, pops would really like this store and to be there with #1.". There it was! Maybe when we get down to the Coast again ???? pops can enjoy as you have done. Of course, with you taking us on the tour.
Mama Cookie