Thursday, January 8, 2009

I know the plans I have for you...

One would think that there is a calming comfort in these words but if you are like me there is still the residual feeling of worry that lingers in the creases of your mind.
And plans least mine do and it seems like there have been little dips and dives along the way. Some planned and then...some beyond our control.
Control, that's it.
Isn't that what we really want?
Right now I am not complaining. I am almost packed and there is just minimal cleaning to do and that is a relief. But, I have been rather "overwhelmed" as of late.
One part excited and one part... no, make that just plain excited.
The furniture has sold, the truck is ordered and the boxes almost completely packed.
We are eating off of styrofoam plates, using our Charlie Brown mugs for soup and tea (not at the same time of course) and counting down the days.
Friday was our appointed "lift off" time but now that has changed.
And, I am not even disappointed.
What I am is contemplative.
Not necessarily a bad thing and now I have a little extra time on my hands to spend thinking instead of feeling madly rushed off my feet.
Plans are made but not always set in stone.
One moment to the next there is change going on.
We live in a constant state of change.
As of late, I have had almost 2 years to contemplate this and now just a few more days.
But today, I am aware that the plans I have made are part of the picture but not necessarily the BIG picture.
And, that is where the comfort comes.
Changes occur and although not part of my plans I find once again that I am finding rest in the "greater picture".
Now that is something to think about it.

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