Thursday, November 6, 2008

Fresh Market

This is the name for the new market that just opened up yesterday in Lakewood Ranch where we live.
And, it is a breath of fresh air.
I would describe it as Whole Foods meets Yale town for those of you from Vancouver. So yes it might be a tad bit more expensive than our local grocery store Publix but judging by the vast number of people shopping today, I will say that the expense is of no consequence. Especially when it comes to fresh, organic produce and the like.
I grabbed a cart and made my way into the new store. They had a small coffee table set up, a plus in my eyes as well as numerous food testing tables. But this place was hopping and negotiating a cart around the obviously "older" group of clientele was often met with a scowl.

On the right side was the floral/veggie department.
I made my way over there and selected some organic carrots, yellow squash, zucchini and cucumber. From here I made my way (let's say I diligently tried to) past the meat counter at the back of the store. In the center of the store was the deli section and next to it the bread station. Now, I have been faithfully staying away from carbs and I have to say this was extremely tempting.

Devil get thou behind me.

In the end I selected a dozen Buffalo wings for Neil for lunch.
The food aisles were set up pretty much like a Whole Foods store.
And yes, I made my way up and down the aisles all the while making a mental note of what I will come back for.
Today there was just time enough to skip through the crowded store with every intention to go back for another shopping time.
They also had a couple of bulk aisles, one being coffee beans. This too is something I will try the next time. And dotted here and there throughout the store were some Christmas food items.
Note to self. This will be good for some Christmas stockings.

I picked up some stuffed grape leaves, also for lunch. As well as a single Sunkist orange that resembled a Japanese orange. This is something I have not seen since moving here almost two years ago. Since I am a huge fan of these oranges I was excited to say the least and yet, only purchased one lest I be disappointed.
Nope! Not disappointed. We shared it for lunch and yes I will gladly purchase some for Christmas. Yeah!
I selected two bottles of fizzy drink made in France. Similar to the sparkling grapefruit we used to purchase from Superstore in Vancouver. One was Peach & Lemon, the other Blood orange.
We had the Peach/Lemon one with lunch.

I made my way over to the checkout. It was while sipping my free coffee that I noticed a bag sitting in the corner of my cart and it did not look familiar.
Upon opening it I came across two kiwi fruit. Searched the top part of my cart and discovered no organic carrots,
no yellow squash,
no zucchini
and no cucumber.
Someone had grabbed my cart or maybe I grabbed their cart? I just had that thought. In all the chaos of people, carts and food demonstrators I had indeed exchanged carts with someone.
Oh well.
I continued to the checkout, gave the clerk the unwanted kiwi, slightly disappointed for the lack of cucumber but time was of the essence and I did not feel like fighting a little old Floridian lady for access in the veggie aisle.
Next time.

I paid for my purchases and walked out to my car.

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Anonymous said...

Love is just like I am walking beside you as you shop.

Mama Cookie