Tuesday, September 30, 2008

To my surprise.

This morning I needed to go out for a few groceries.
We are having a co-worker of Neil's over for dinner as it is his birthday.
I also wanted to get him a gift of some kind and I thought maybe a book. Heading over to the bookstore I remember that they do not open until 9:00 and I already have in my mind that I will wait it out at the Starbucks also located in the shopping area.
As I glide down alongside the stores I suddenly notice a sign indicating breakfast.
The restaurant, Wings n' Weenies.
I kid you not.
I pull my car into a parking spot and head over to the restaurant.
They also have a sign on their door indicating that they now open at 6:00 am and since it is 8:30 am there are already a few people inside.
I select a booth and get my coffee poured.
Looking down at the table top I notice a variety of advertisements. This is not your normal Plexiglas table topping with papers placed underneath. Instead I find a number of ads that actually form the table top and are varnished in place. Saves on washing table cloths.
Air brush tans & waxing
Liberty Baptist Church
MTEC-specializing in "dumpster repairs"
ACE Insurance
Makes for some interesting reading.
Again, I kid you not.

The menu boasts:
"We're more than just Wings n' Weenies"
I look around taking in my surroundings.
Budweiser Beer posters hang on the wall and if that isn't enough to promote their product, Tiffany style lights hang over each table, red and white also bearing the Budweiser logo.
A Happy Halloween cut-out pumpkin hangs from the rotating ceiling fan and Halloween stickers are placed here and there on the inside front windows of the restaurant.
Regulars who sit at the counter get a glimpse of the company t-shirt that is for sale.
Imagine a white t-shirt and on the front a drawing of a restaurant counter and sitting at the counter a "weenie" & two buns.
The weenie says, "nice buns" and the buns reply back, "weenie".
Once more, I kid you not.
And, this t-shirt is the uniform of my waitress Betty.
If you really want one you can buy it for $14.93. I am thinking Christmas presents???

This is the kind of restaurant where regulars are known by the waitress and you hear words like, "honey", "darlin" and "yes Mame" spoken here.
One such regular walks in.
Today it is raining so some folks like myself are wearing something with long sleeves.
He is wearing a black hoodie. On the back drawn in white is the sketch of a house, the rest of his shirt reads: "get nailed by the best".
I am guessing a carpenter?

I did have breakfast.
A half order of eggs Benedict which was quite good.
Coffee was not as good as Starbucks but the atmosphere was 10 times better.
And yes, just like the sign states. they do more than just wings n' weenies.

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