Monday, September 1, 2008

Choice Food

"Give us nothing but vegetables to eat and water to drink;
"So the guard took away their choice food and the wine they were to drink and gave them vegetables instead."- the book of Daniel

Where does our fascination for food come from? Or in my case, where does this interest for all things "food" come from, instilling within me a desire to spread the love, so to speak. For I do love to talk about, contemplate, savor, explore & share all things food. As I pen these words I am suddenly reminded of a friend who finds food well, rather boring. This makes me sad. Especially since it seems that I am forever thinking of some new recipe to try and share with someone, anyone around me.

I dream of kitchen reconstruction. I am always thinking about how I can upgrade my kitchen.

A good set of pots & pans, Italian I think.

A proper set of knives, a cooks tool of the trade.

A new recipe, an exotic spice, a great bottle of wine, and friends in which to share my dream.

Nothing delights me more then to take a stroll through a farmers market and absorb the bounty of colour that stretches out all around me. It is eye candy to this cook. And all the while, dancing inside my head, ideas and the ever prevailing thought, hmmm, who could we invite for dinner?
I understand that there are some people who have no desire to cook much less step foot into a kitchen.
I used to say that if you could read, you can cook but I have changed my mind on that subject.
There needs to be the desire. For those who just need to eat something, there is no shortage of supermarkets in which you can purchase a boxed this or a tin of that and there you have it, dinner, such as it is.
But there was a time when food was always purchased fresh, sometimes still warm as you picked it up placing it into your basket. Fresh artisan breads, cheese, farm fresh eggs and the like.

I have a nephew who I am told loves to watch the food network on television.
It is a delight for me to take him grocery shopping and see him in action as he walks down the international food aisle, thoughtfully and with unbridled fascination, making his choices.
One such trip to the grocer was to shop for a menu conceived and prepared by him (with the help of his aunt). The meal was delivered with much enthusiasm and love for a family of five plus one guest who happened to arrive at the intended supper time. I have never had such a grand time chopping carrots.
A huge success!
Thoughtfully planned,
happily received,
lovingly remembered by this auntie.
And this is what I am talking about.

For me the idea of "choice food" can be about vegetables or a simple picnic lunch of bread & cheese but in the end it all comes down to one prevailing thought,
"hmm, who can I share this with?"

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